Elevate Exhibitor News | Bouncing to a new world record!

((BOUNCE)) will be exhibiting at Elevate Arena on stand no 235

On Saturday 4th March, mini trampoline fitness company ((BOUNCE)) broke the world record for the most number of people bouncing on mini trampolines simultaneously. Held at Fitness Fiesta Camber Sands with help from MTV UP Energy Drink, 405 people bounced their way into history to set the new world record.

Kimberlee Perry, Founder and Director of ((BOUNCE)) says “Aiming to beat the world record initially meant we’d get the opportunity to showcase on a large scale how at ((BOUNCE)) we make fitness fun, which is our primary goal within the fitness industry.

“However on the day, it became evident that the event was more about the spirit of teamwork, because working together to break a world record on that kind of scale meant we needed every single person fully invested in helping each other. From the amazing crew that got our 420 trampolines there, to our instructors who came from all over the UK to help, plus every single person bouncing around. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that to achieve great things, you just have to support each other. I’m most proud of ((BOUNCE)) for that.”

The previous world record was set in 2015 with 324 participants.

The team from MTV UP Energy Drink attended to provide a post-world record break recharge with cans of their new Classic and Sugar-Free energy drink.

The world record event took place at Fitness Fiesta Camber. Fitness Fiesta is a weekend with classes and workouts from top international fitness presenters, with classes such as Les Mills, Spinning and Zumba.

According to a study by NASA scientists published in The Journal of Applied Physiology, jumping on a trampoline is more than two times more effective than running, and when you add in our dance-choreographed routines, the intensity is increased even further, burning up to 700 calories per class. Plus the trampoline absorbs 87% of the impact, making it the perfect low-impact exercise for those recovering from an injury, with joint concerns, pregnant women or anyone struggling with weight.

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