| Forget the treadmill, the best workout this summer is bouncing on a trampoline

When I was asked if I wanted to go trampolining on Thursday evening, I was hyped if not quite baffled.

I remember spending my last day before A Level study leave began, bouncing around my mate’s trampoline dressed like a St Trinians’ extra, shortly before getting rat faced in a crappy pub round the corner.

Good times.

Bounce Metro The best workout this summer is bouncing on a trampoline
Trampolining can be tiring work and it can be pretty precarious. We’ve all accidentally fallen through the gaps at the sides, impaling ourselves on the springs – and half of the time we’ve been sober when we’ve done it.Good times.

The concept of trampoline fitness then seems both dangerous and random.

Except it’s not random – it’s a growing fitness phenomenon.

Bounce is a company which is spreading its tentacles across the UK’s fitness scene, with more than 100 studios in the UK and over 20,000 class attendees every month.

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