((BOUNCE))™ Wellbeing Workshop

((BOUNCE))™ Wellbeing Workshop 

We are proud to present our "Wellbeing Workshop" a very special event bringing to light strategies to support you on the emotional side of health and wellness - featuring some pretty empowering women as special guests!

At ((BOUNCE)) our belief is that you can't achieve an optimum level of physical fitness without being in a positive state of mind. In a world where we're always short of time, lack sleep, feel stressed, utilise technology constantly and have many pressures in our lives - we could all do with a little more support, right?! This workshop will be relaxed and open-hearted but most importantly it will enable you the time to stop, reflect, rest and re-boot through effective principles such as Yoga and Meditation with Emily Grace Black and renowned Therapist and Life Coach Kate Hogan.

Included in the price is a jab of Vitamin B12 boost to increase energy mental clarity (usually £40!) plus a one-day organic juice cleanse pack consisting of 5 freshly made individual juices, protein ball and ginger shots (usually £35!) for you to detox the next day thanks to Juicy B's to take home with you. This is the perfect event for you press your reset button and feel refreshed!


  • Yoga session by 2FoldYoga (45mins)
  • Life Coaching by Kate Hogan: Tools for managing modern life (1hr)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation by Emily Grace Black (45mins)
  • Trial of compression legs by Reset Cryotherapy for relaxation and muscle repair (5mins per person)
  • B12 injection (5mins per person) on the day or feel free to book privately
  • Take home your 1 day detox pack.

In this workshop experts will help you to work out how to be mindful, what you really want to achieve, what is getting in the way and how to take steps forward. Maybe you need more time for yourself, more energy, more balance, more confidence, more fun in your life? Maybe there is some unhealthy habits you're ready to address? You'll leave with a personalised action plan with practical steps to becoming your happiest, healthiest you!

DATE: Friday 21st June 2019
LOCATION: ((BOUNCE)) HQ at 17 Perry Road Harlow, Essex, CM18 7NR
TIME: 5.45pm arrival for a 6pm start 
NOTE: Exclusive, smaller group event, maximum 60 guests.
COST: £40 per ticket with everything included - this is a NOT FOR PROFIT ((BOUNCE)) event delivered to support our #bouncearmy as best we can in their wellness journey.

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