Bungee Fit at ((BOUNCE)) HQ

What is it?
A gravity defying, intensive, 30 minute resistance training fitness class. Low impact, high intensity full body cardio workout that focusing on the core, strength, balance, muscle tone and fitness performance.
The bungee cord is used as the resistance training tool, that leverages gravity and body weight – the harder you push the higher you fly. 

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  • Weight loss
  • Increased flexibility
  • Low impact on the joints
  • Burns lots of calories
  • Fun!

How is it working?
Bungee is a form of resistance training which increases muscle strength by making your muscles work against your own body weight. Unlike some other resistance training equipment, the bungee is pulling you up, almost like an antigravity machine. Therefore, any exercises carried out directly below it like squats are actually easier. The further away from this anchor point you go, the more resistance you will have to over come to get there.

Who can do it?
When it comes to fitness level, there is no restriction, even if you’ve never taken a bungee class, but due to the nature of some of the movements, hand stands, spins, high jumps etc, it is not available to women who are pregnant, or if you have recently had surgery, suffer from vertigo, epilepsy, high blood pressure or hypertension, or have a medical condition with the shoulders, back, wrists or hands. Always consult your doctor before trying something new in the fitness industry to discuss if its suitable for you.

Weight Limit
The weight limit for the bungee harness is 14 stone with a maximum measurement of waist 40”, leg loop 26.3” (approximately a UK size 14).

What to wear?
Comfortable yoga pants/ leggings and comfortable top/ t-shirt. We also recommend an added outer layer like shorts for some extra padding under the Bungee.

How will the class operate?

  • Warm up first then you’ll be taken through a series of exercise sequences in the bungee and asked to follow.
  • You will have time to put all of the movements together during the class into a short sequence.
  • The teacher will move around the room spotting you, teaching technique throughout the session.
  • The session will finish with some ‘fly time’, where you will be shown a key move which you can develop for the last part of the class.
  • Music is full of energy and uplifting, the class mood is relaxed, fun and friendly, you can’t bungee without a smile!
  • Finish with a stretch at the end to cool down.

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