((BOUNCE))™ offers various class styles


Our 1 hour class features the first 40 mins of choreographed dance-cardio jumping routines to burn calories fast and finishes with 20 minutes of muscle toning concentrating on abs, legs, triceps and glutes. Our H.I.I.T programmed sessions focus on rapid weight loss - but don't take our word for it, our customers show they're burning 700+ calories per class when they post their Fitbit selfies on our Facebook page!. It's fun, friendly and fierce with one requirement: you can't jump without a smile!

((BOUNCE))™ Blast

Our 45 minute class incorporates optional use of hand and ankle weights (provided at the studio or you're welcome to bring your own) with a focus on the upper body to tone the arms and create strong, lean triceps, biceps, shoulders, back and chest. There are less breaks in this class but it features the same exciting routines and means your workout is super efficient but gets the job done properly.

((BOUNCE))™ Balance

Our unique bodyflow class on trampolines includes elements of yoga and pilates highlighting strength, muscle tone and flexibility. This challenging session is full of balance, hold and contract moves to test your fitness while still incorporates bouncing routines. A great addition to our high intensity cardio-based class its perfect for anyone who likes a little zen incorporated with a tough workout.

((BOUNCE))™ Bootcamp

Our circuits-based class sees you move between pre-set trampoline stations, performing plyometric and isometric exercises (that’s ‘jumping and holding’ as well as ‘static’ exercises) to high energy beats. Think: jump-squats, planks, burpees, press ups, sit-ups, all done utilising trampolines – but not without sudden aggressive cardio blitzes in between. Prepare to be surprised! It’s definitely NOT dance-based, more like a session with your Personal Trainer totally beasting you… plus pumping tunes blasting all the way.

((BOUNCE))™ Bodyworkshop

Our totally wild, full day workshops are more like a rave than an exercise session! Aimed at attacking the bulge and revving up your fitness regime, featuring ALL our class types in one day, you'll push yourself to the physical limit and drop calories fast. Got a special event coming up? Need to get your fitness up a gear? Bodyworkshop is the best start! Included in the cost is a healthy protein focused menu designed by professional chefs, enjoyed in the on-site cafe on the day. See more info and book on the Bodyworkshop page.

((BOUNCE))™ Bambino

Classes for kids! Aimed at children aged 4 - 10 years (but any age welcome) these energetic sessions feature basic jumping routines to fun music and also incorporate games like musical statues, team relays and ball games focusing on 'making fitness fun'. Improving co-ordination, balance and motor skills, boys and girls get fit, build confidence and learn teamwork with prizes and stickers included too!