Meet the ((BOUNCE))™ Instructors

Kimberlee | Founder & CEO
Fun • Friendly • Fierce

Coming from a dance background and qualified in Exercise to Music, I created ((BOUNCE)) with the number one goal to 'make fitness fun'.  Choreographing our classes to be effective and inspiring is my favourite thing to do, and I love living my life working out with the #bouncearmy, instructing classes every day. ((BOUNCE)) is simply amazing because of YOU!. 

Kate | Regional Manager
Faithful • Wine Addict • Realist

Starting as an attendee, I was then scouted to teach ((BOUNCE)) and now I'm a Regional Manager scouting others and running my own franchise! I love everything that ((BOUNCE)) stands for: working for a positive and inspirational company that focuses on supporting each other, plus the genuine friendships made along the way make it the job of my dreams. 

Mel | Regional Manager
Smiley • Pocket Rocket • Puppy Lover

As a gymnast ((BOUNCE)) intrigued me, so after participating I progressed into teaching, opened up 2 franchises, now I'm a Regional Manager! I love that ((BOUNCE)) has a huge community of women and their families who motivate and support each other. Helping change someone's life is such a rewarding aspect of being part of ((BOUNCE)).

Kate "Tozer" | Training & Development Manager
Pineapple Lover • Unicorn Whisperer • Protector

I'm a professional dancer and my role as Development Manager at ((BOUNCE)) means I focus on performance technique within our team - plus I also own 2 franchises. ((BOUNCE)) is everything to me, combining my love of choreography with fitness and life long friends.

Miranda | Marketing Manager
Curious • Sun Worshipper • Dedicated to Donuts

I love working out, but chronic shin splints means staying away from high impact exercise; ((BOUNCE))™ is the only form of cardio I can do comfortably! I joined the team to use my marketing expertise to spread the word about this one-of-a-kind, hugely beneficial workout.

Lisa "Bibbs" | Operations Manager
Nurturer • Girly-Girl • Small Gullet

I am a qualified dance teacher with a Masters in Education who now teaches primary school. I was scouted after my fourth class at ((BOUNCE)). I love everything ((BOUNCE)) has to offer; the buzz in class, the physical changes to my body, and the amazing new friendships I have made.

Michelle | Regional Scout
Mischievious • Excitable • Whirlwind

I’m a mother of two who is crazy about fitness. I’m a seasoned obstacle racer and I love crossfit, but after discovering the amazingness that is ((BOUNCE)), I’m a convert! It’s addictive, fun and most importantly it gets results.

Steph | Franchisee
Bonkers • Driven • Joker

Prior to joining ((BOUNCE)) I was in the RAF Military. 5 months after having my baby I became a franchisee. I love how ((BOUNCE)) allows you to push your body to your own personal limit, there's nothing better than seeing the transformation into better health.

Gemma | Franchisee
Lover • Partier • Adventurer

I watched one video of ((BOUNCE)) online and knew I had to bring it Brighton! There’s nothing quite like it. I love ((BOUNCE)) for the way it makes me feel about myself, in mind, body and soul, the energy it brings to my life and the contagious reaction it has on all.

Steph | Franchisee
Organised • Energetic • Mama

I am a Level 3 qualified PT and Fitness Instructor, delivering bootcamps for the last 5 years but ((BOUNCE)) totally inspired me. I have had a knee operation preciously plus recently had a baby, so ((BOUNCE)) has been brilliant as it's maintained my fitness and strength in an effective, comfortable and safe workout.

Harriet "H" | Franchisee
Pizza Addict • Dedicated • Go Getter

I signed up for the Instructor Training Course after being scouted just one month after joining ((BOUNCE)). I love watching the growth in confidence of attendees when they complete something they didn’t think they could, whether it’s finishing the triceps track, or getting through the cardio section without breaks.

Hayley | Franchisee
Full of Beans • Positive • Nurturer

((BOUNCE)) is an extremely effective workout; you can actually see the changes to your body in a relatively short space of time, but more than that - it makes you feel really good about yourself. I get excited before a class, and am always buzzing afterwards – I was hooked from the very first session.

Emma | Franchisee
Dependable • Dynamic • Devoted

I was bouncing 3 times a week for 6 months before booking onto the training course. After having my little boy I really struggled with losing the baby weight and adjusting to being a mum. ((BOUNCE)) helped me become far more happier, healthier and fitter. I LOVE my job!

Suzie | Franchisee
Whooper • Wine-aholic • Fitness Freak

Prior to joining ((BOUNCE)) I was a PE teacher for 12 years. Nothing seems to transform me mentally and physically the way ((BOUNCE)) does. I enjoy pushing participants beyond their comfort zone and liking where they come out the other side.

Claire | Franchisee
Exuberant • Creative • Witty

I’ve always been into fitness, and fell for ((BOUNCE)) while training for the London Marathon – its easy on the joints and fantastic fun! We’re working really hard achieving serious results, but everyone is still having a great time.

Chloe | Franchisee
Rational • Fun-loving • Italian Foodie

With a passion for exercise, I knew I wanted to be a ((BOUNCE)) instructor. Although it's a tough journey, it's all worthwhile when you see the amazing #bouncearmy giving 100% each week. Plus the instructors I work alongside are incredible! I'm lucky to have made amazing friendships.

Carrie | Franchisee
Gooner • Writer • Fast Learner

I’ve always had a love for sports, and after 8 months at ((BOUNCE)) I completed the training course. Less than 6 months later I franchised 2 studios. ((BOUNCE)) has changed my physical appearance and my health has drastically improved.

Louisa | Franchisee
Harry Potter Buff • Sun Seeker • Chocoholic

After a few ((BOUNCE)) classes I realised I was hooked so I became an instructor! Teaching in the evenings works perfectly for me with another busy day job. What I love most about ((BOUNCE)) is no one ever feels intimidated in class; everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

Gemma | Franchisee
Dazzling • Honest • Massive Foodie

I am a qualified Exercise to Music Level 2 Instructor, and I specialise in post-natal fitness. ((BOUNCE)) is more than just a fitness class; it's a way of life. It's amazing how addictive it is and the incredible results you see from participants. I love it when they say "I used to hate exercise and then I came to ((BOUNCE))."

Sarah | Franchisee
Impulsive •  Career Minded • Loves a Challenge

I completed the training course after seven months at ((BOUNCE)) and franchised in Potters Bar. I love the confidence that being part of the ((BOUNCE)) team has given me, and I’ve had so much fun with all of the ((BOUNCE)) girls along the way.

Kaley | Franchisee
Music Lover • Ambitious • Shop-till-I-drop

I realised ((BOUNCE)) was the only exercise I wanted to do so I became an instructor. It very quickly became an addiction; the buzz you get is amazing and it really pushes your body. ((BOUNCE)) has really changed my life!

Natalie | Franchisee
Social • Shopaholic • Joker

I went to my first ((BOUNCE)) class in 2014 and was hooked right away! It wasn't long before I was bouncing 5 times a week so I trained to be an instructor and now I'm a franchisee and can get my fix anytime. I love the buzz ((BOUNCE)) gives you when you finish a  class.

Carla | Franchisee
Pizza Eater • Glitter Loving • Rule Breaker

I have always attended and taught dance. After my first baby, I trained in ((BOUNCE)) to prove I still had the teacher in me. I never have to drag myself out of bed for ((BOUNCE)). It’s totally fun and beneficial; you feel the changes in your fitness very quickly.

Sarah | Franchisee
Reality TV Addict • Up for a Laugh • Manicure Lover

I attended ((BOUNCE)) for a year before being invited to become an instructor. I started off teaching classes, and now I have my own franchise too! Not only has ((BOUNCE)) helped me change my body shape, it also improved my confidence.

Kate | Franchisee
Traveller • Motorsport Junkie • Fine Dining Fan

I have 20 years experience in gymnastics before being scouted to become a ((BOUNCE)) instructor. It’s not just the physical improvements and mental wellbeing I love from ((BOUNCE)), it also reminds me of who I was before children.

Claire | Franchisee
Clean Freak • Mini Hulk • Performer

I have a professional fitness and hip hop background, both teaching and performing. I love ((BOUNCE)) - you get hooked after your first class! The music and the amazing instructors give you such a buzz and after class you feel instantly fitter.

Mina | Franchisee
Outgoing • Motivational • Music Lover

I have been in the fitness industry for 15 years, including teaching exercise to music for ten years. I love ((BOUNCE)) because it’s a fun way to get fit and burn calories without even realising it. I'm so excited to be Bournemouth's franchisee.

Vix | Franchisee
Passionate • Blonde • Bad Influence

I’m a qualified personal trainer and Exercise to Music Instructor. I knew ((BOUNCE)) was amazing and so I became one of the very first franchisees, opening in Bishops Stortford. I absolutely love the high I get from giving everyone a hard ((BOUNCE)) work out.

Chelcie | Instructor
Lover • Feisty • Strong

I am a specialist child/adolescent mental health occupational therapist, and my sporting experience includes competitive swimming and coaching, boxing and volleyball. I started ((BOUNCE)) to keep my mind busy, my body fit and make friends; ((BOUNCE)) gives all this and more!

Gemma | Instructor
Selfie-Freak • Huge Disney Fan • Tenacious

I’m a hairdresser and a mum of two. I became an instructor nine months after starting ((BOUNCE)). My confidence has gone through the roof and my fitness has never been so good, I’ve managed to drop 3 dress sizes!

Stacey | Instructor
Social • Happy-Go-Lucky • Dreamer

As soon as I started ((BOUNCE)) I knew it would become a huge part of my life, and five months later I was training to be an instructor. Even if I’m having the worst day, I go to ((BOUNCE)), forget everything and come out smiling. I’ve met the nicest people and love helping them achieve their goals.

Louise | Instructor
Holiday Junkie • Straight Talking • Colourist Queen

I was bouncing for about a year before I signed up to the Instructor Training Course, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I love ((BOUNCE)) pretty much more than anything, as it changed my life in a big way. The attendees brighten up my day every single session and I can't stop smiling every time I teach.

Shelley | Instructor
Netflix Addict • Proud Mum of 2 • Reliable

I started bouncing when my youngest child was six months old and after my first class, I knew I wanted to be an instructor. 9 months later I was teaching! ((BOUNCE)) has changed my life in so many ways; I’m fitter, healthier, a million times more confident and made so many friends. I’m immensely proud to be part of the #bouncearmy.

Sarah "Stapo" | Instructor
Bossy • Motherly • Chatty

I started bouncing to get back in shape after an illness, and a year later I trained to be an instructor. My favourite thing about being a ((BOUNCE)) instructor is the buzz you get when you hear attendees say “Yes! She worked us hard tonight!”

Danni | Instructor
Go-Getter • Cake Lover • Lively

I was a hardcore bouncer for two years before training to be an instructor. I love what ((BOUNCE)) has done for me mentally and physically after having my little boy. It’s all about girl power!

Rosy | Instructor
Belieber • Sparkle Lover • Fake Tan Addict

I was scouted in class after becoming ((BOUNCE)) obsessed a few months earlier, and there was no looking back! I love that ((BOUNCE)) is the friendliest, most welcoming exercise class and no one leaves without a smile on their face and sweat dripping off them!

Carissa | Instructor
Night Owl • Festival Fan • Manicure Master

I've been bouncing since the classes first started. Once I realised I couldn't live without it, I trained to become an instructor. I love how you feel after doing a class, especially now that I teach too!

Heidi | Instructor
Straighty-180 • Committed • Music Lover

I had been bouncing for a year when I was invited to do the training course. I was painfully shy before starting instructing, but ((BOUNCE)) makes me feel re-energised, motivated and strong after each and every class, and everyone is extremely friendly.

Maddie | Franchisee
Bubbly • Titchy • Motivated

I’ve been dancing since the age of seven, and I’ve always enjoyed sport and exercise so I enjoy ((BOUNCE)). I love seeing how hard the participants work while having a great time, that makes it so much more fun to teach.

Yasmin | Instructor
Adventurer • Danceaholic • Energising

I’m a qualified dance teacher with over 10 years experience. After a successful performing career I trained in ((BOUNCE)) because of the fierce workout, friendly atmosphere and the positive people surrounding it.

Caroline | Instructor
Joker • Polo Player • Gym Lover

I started ((BOUNCE)) as a New Years Resolution and fell in love with everything it stands for. Now I teach classes! I love ((BOUNCE)) because you get an all over workout while making new friends and having fun with such lovely participants.

Chrissy | Franchise
Prosecco Lover • Persistent • High Heel Hoarder

I was a regular ((BOUNCE)) attendee and decided to train as an instructor to complement the PT qualification I’m working towards. I love the whole ((BOUNCE)) package: the positive mentality, sass, camaraderie and awesome leggings!

Sarah | Franchisee
Baker Extraordinaire • Dimples • Coffee Fiend

I was addicted to ((BOUNCE)) for 9 months before being scouted to become an instructor. I love how ((BOUNCE)) makes me feel and the way I now look; helping my attendees with their fitness goals drives me as an instructor!

Becky | Franchisee
Warrior Princess • Authentic • Flexible Flamingo

I'm a professional dancer and joined ((BOUNCE)) in May, as it's the perfect exercise for stamina training with a low risk of injury. Motivating people to help them reach their exercise and fitness goals is the best part of being a ((BOUNCE)) Instructor.

Eleni | Instructor
Nandos Addict • Generous • Ambitious

I quickly became addicted to ((BOUNCE)) because it’s such a fun, positive and welcoming form of exercise. It has improved my mental wellbeing and physical appearance, and I love helping people feel the same.

Charlotte | Instructor
Animal Mad • Enthusiastic • Chatterbox

I have always been a dancer, and after one class at ((BOUNCE)) I couldn’t get enough! It is rare to find an exercise class that is as fun as it is beneficial, so it didn’t take long for me to sign up to the training course. I love that ((BOUNCE))™ is for everyone, no matter their age or fitness level.

Sarah | Instructor
Competitive • Bulletproof • Flexible

I have a background in gymnastics, both as a competitor and a coach. I was scouted to join the team in my second week and am loving everything ((BOUNCE)) embodies. It’s the perfect way to exercise and de-stress.

Jess | Instructor
Adrenaline Junkie • Lively • Chocolate Addict

I have been dancing since I was 3, and was a professional dancer for many years. Dance and exercise is my escape. No matter what sort of day you have beforehand, you always leave ((BOUNCE)) feeling totally upbeat (and sweaty)!

Karis | Instructor
Outgoing • Fitness Mad • Girly Girl

With a background in dance and a love of fitness, ((BOUNCE)) seemed the perfect exercise as it combines the two. Shortly after starting classes, I was scouted to become an instructor. ((BOUNCE)) really is the definition of fun fitness for me, so I’m proud to be part of the team.

Sam | Instructor
Bold • Dependable • Dog-Lover

I’ve always done some form of exercise, whether it was ballet as a child or competitive tennis as a teenager. As an adult I found the gym to be monotonous, making exercise feel like a chore, but I loved ((BOUNCE)) from the first class. It’s so unique, motivating and energetic.

Becky | Franchisee
Warrior Princess • Authentic • Flexible Flamingo

I'm a professional dancer and joined ((BOUNCE)) in May, as it's the perfect exercise for stamina training with a low risk of injury. Motivating people to help them reach their exercise and fitness goals is the best part of being a ((BOUNCE)) Instructor.