((BOUNCE))™ Reviews

"We started ((BOUNCE)) over a year ago, and can’t get enough of it! The powerful routines get your body working to achieve the most that you can. But it’s the effort and dedication put in by the instructors that makes ((BOUNCE)) the best exercise there is! It is easily our favourite fitness class we’ve taken part in. We’ve tried all the classes you can think of and got bored with all of them, except ((BOUNCE)) which is now part of our weekly routine. I have lost one stone and never felt better. The instructors have become our friends, and they give me the motivation to carry on, keep smiling, laughing and looking good. I’m addicted to ((BOUNCE))! It has changed my life."

April & Amy | Mother & Daughter, Harlow Participants

"I love that the ethos of (( BOUNCE )) is to empower all ages, abilities and sizes in a quest for a healthier, active lifestyle. I love that (( BOUNCE )) isn't a social clique for gym bunnies, anyone can join in and you're encouraged to work hard at a level appropriate for you."

Leanne Guichard | Stansted, Elsenham & Dunmow Participant

"I ((BOUNCE)) twice a week - I'd do more if I could! I couldn't be without it now and love, love, love the music and moves and how often the choreography changes. It's such a great workout but because it's not high impact I don't get achey in the following few days like I do with running etc as someone who is obese."

Adelaide Morrow | Letchworth Participant

"I love ((BOUNCE))!!! Thanks for a really fun way to exercise. I can't recommend it enough for people who are bored with a regular gym routine or feel intimidated at the idea of standard exercise classes where you worry everyone already knows the routines. From the first class I was laughing as well as sweating and came out feeling fab."

Karen Benfield | Hoddesdon Participant

"Why do I LOVE ((BOUNCE))? What’s not to LOVE? Not only are the tracks hard, the enthusiasm in the classes is high as well the motivation/determination to reach your goal. ((BOUNCE)) has not only helped me loose weight, fit into my wedding dress (ordered 2 sizes smaller) but it has also helped me become fitter & healthier. It has made me change my lifestyle completely. I no longer get in from work & snack, I go to ((BOUNCE)). Starting with 1 session a week in March, I now aim to do 4/5 a week, my sessions are always booked over a month in advance & I never think ‘Oh God.’ I LOVE coming to ((BOUNCE)) & I enjoy each session. No track becomes easy because you just work harder."

Hannah Farrington | Letchworth & Stevenage Participant

"((BOUNCE)) is amazing! Without the effort and hard work that the instructors put in I would never be able to get through the session. They give lots of encouragement and support throughout the whole session. When I first started ((BOUNCE)) I couldn't do sit ups, the plank or tricep dips and now I am able to complete the whole routine of each of these. ((BOUNCE)) is such a fun way of keeping fit; everyone at the class is friendly and everyone supports each other. 100% recommend!"

Georgia Fredericks | Ware & Hertford Participant

"Being a bit on the large side I was a bit worried about attending ((BOUNCE)), and after recently having a baby I was worried about getting out all the wobbly bits. ((BOUNCE)) made me feel at ease and I love every minute of it. I would love to be able to attend more classes so I can acheive the body I want through the amazing ((BOUNCE)) classes."

Lauren Martin | Letchworth Participant

"I have hit 48 and it's Mental Health Awareness Week. Apart from my physical issues, I also have bipolar affective disorder. I am mostly a recluse. But... I took the plunge, paid, and went (the amount of money I have wasted on prepaid events...) It was welcoming and the tutor was friendly, going through everything in the beginning. I just about kept up - tutor said I should be proud of myself! Loved it, and although it was hard at times, I felt it really is a fitness class for everyone irrespective of age, illness or fitness level. Thank you. Can't wait to push myself further on this bouncey journey.

Joanna Colby | Participant

"I went to ((BOUNCE)) for the firs titme this evening. Beforehand, I wasn't sure it was my cup of tea, but boy was I wrong! I really enjoyed it and it seemed really easy on my joints but I still had a really intense workout. It's great fun, and you can work at your own pace. I like the way you can pay online as well - no hassle. I'm also not particularly fit, so if I can do it, anyone can! Really recommend. Thanks!

Nina Welch | Loughton Participant